With Thanks Edit

Bloomsbury and Comic Relief would like to say a big thank you to all these people for their time, dedication and gorgeous contributions.

  • Production: Helena Coryndon and Penny Edwards
  • Cover Design: Richard Horne
  • Text Design, Whizz Hard logo design and typesetting Polly Napper
  • Covers: George Over Limited
  • Paper supply: Borregaard Hellefos AS, McNaughton Publishing papers Ltd
  • Cover board: Iggesund Paperboard Europe
  • Sales: David Ward, Kathleen Farrar, Barry Horrocks and Bloomsbury sales force
  • Distribution: Macmillan Distribution Limited
  • Marketing: Minna Fry, Rosamund de la Hey, Colette Whitehouse and the Bloomsbury marketing fans
  • Publicity: Katie Collins and the Bloomsbury publicity team and Rebbeca Salt and Nicky Stonehill at Cloman Getty, Edinburgh
  • Copy-editing and proof-reading: Ingnd von Essen, proof-reading: Dick Clayton
  • Editor: Emma Mtthewson, Christopher Little, Nigel Newton, Sarah Odedina, Colin Adams, Bun Salvary, Fiddy Henderson, Ele Fountain, Dorchester Typesetting and booksellers around the world for their support.
  • And of course J.K. Rowling for creating this book and so generously giving all her royalties from it to Comic Relief