'Kennilworty Whip's painstaking research has uncovered a veritable teasure trove of hitherto unknown facts about the spot of warlocks. A fascinating read.'

-Bathilda Bagshot, author, A History of Magic

'Whisp has produced a thoroughly enjoyable book; Quidditch fans are sure to find it both instructive and entertaining.'

-Editor, Which Broomstick?

'The definitive work on the origins and history of Quidditch. Highly recommended.'

-Brutus Scrimgeour, author, the Beater's Bible

'Mr Whips shows a lot of promise. If he keeps up the good work, he may well find himself sharing a photo shoot with me one of these days!'

-Gilderoy Lockhart, author, Magical Me

'Bet you anything it'll be a best-seller. Go on, I bet you.'

-Ludovic Bagman, England and Wimbourne Wasps Beater

'I've read worse.'

-Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet